Windows 10 – The Most Secure Windows Operating System

Given the drastic changes to today’s cybersecurity landscape, organizations need to address today’s threats with a new approach. When the average cost of a data breach per incident is $3.5 million, and over 300,000 new malware samples are being created and spread every day, organizations need to be ready to meet the threats head-on.

With the introduction of several new and improved security features such as Windows Defender and Windows Defender Advanced

Threat Protection, Windows 10 is the most secure Windows yet. In addition, with Windows 10, there is no need for any further operating system upgrades. Thanks to Windows 10’s automatic and scheduled updates, your IT department will no longer have to do costly and time-consuming migrations to new operating systems, freeing them up for other important tasks.

Protect Your Organization with the Most Secure Windows

Windows 10 provides your organization with comprehensive data protection you need against malware and hacking. It provides next generation identity technology, including:

Protection You Need Against Malware and Hacking

Windows 10 has been designed to disrupt the hacking and malware industry by removing the attack vectors that hackers and social engineers depend on. Windows 10 engineers the attack vectors out of the platform itself and quickly detects and responds to the ones that remain.

Identity Protection Keeps Your Organisation Secure

Windows Hello is a password alternative that can provide your organization with enterprise grade security using biometrics (fingerprint scanning, facial recognition), a PIN, or even a companion device. This gives you more control over who has access to your company’s devices, which, in turn, keeps your data safer and more secure.

Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) Provides an Additional Layer of Security

Safeguard your business data, regardless of what device it is on, with EDP. EDP gives simple visual cues to your employees to help them differentiate between personal and business data and apps, and prevents sensitive information leaks by encrypting your organization’s data.

Your Trusted Microsoft Windows 10 Partner

ProServeIT, a multi-award winning Microsoft Gold Partner, is your expert in Windows 10, and we can make your organization’s adoption of Windows 10 much smoother. We’ll work with you to customize your organization’s Windows 10 migration project so that it meets all your unique needs. Contact us today to begin the conversation!

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