Government organizations need a cost-effective tool that allows their organization to leverage collaboration, productivity and efficiency while upholding strict complianceregulations. When organisations migrate to Office 365, team are given access to a rich and secure cloud platform that promotes an integrated team environment across all departments.

The cloud’s secure environment not only protects your sensitive data but ensures that your team is always complying with up-to date protocols. Office 365 seamlessly merges compliance and security and with the exclusive government pricing, your team can gain access to cloud based productivity while reducing your current IT costs.

Choosing to migrate to Office 365: Features and benefits

  • Hosted Email: Your team will now be able to access their emails and shared calendars on their laptops (PC or Mac), smartphones and tablets via Outlook. Each mailbox receives up to 25 GB of storage and your IT department will also thank you, as they no longer have to manage an On-Premise exchange server. You can also provision and add additional layers of internal security to certain emails in case you need to regulate access to specific departments.
  • Security: All mailboxes have built-in spam and mal-ware protection. Additionally, Microsoft has made it crystal clear that although your organization’s data is hosted in the cloud it is still and will always be your organization’s data. Your IT team is also able to manage your security options through the web-based admin center.
  • Office Web Apps: Producing and editing content has never been easier. With Office Web Apps you are able to open, view and edit your documents online via a web browser. You can now collaborate simultaneously on specific documents so that your team is always working on the latest version. Office Web Apps include – Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Social Networking: Yammer is an internal social networking tool. Engage with all your employees by giving them a space to use their voice on upcoming policies and approaching city and provincial events. Yammer gives your company an environment to collaborate holistically as a team and provide team unity across all departments.

Why a Hosted Cloud Solution works for Government Organizations

Office 365 is a productivity suite that fully integrates with one another to provide a unified user interface experience. Majority of government organizations have already previously invested in Microsoft applications and as such the move from an On-Premise to a Cloud Solution causes little to no interruptions to your team’s productivity.

The best part of Office 365 is the transparency and ease of use among your staff and the lack of maintenance and upgrades required by your IT department. Finally, the Government pricing sku is highly competitive and makes the decision to migrate to Office 365 an even simpler one. See our graph below for pricing options and what’s included in each plan.

migrate to Office 365

Alright you’ve convinced me, now what are my next steps?

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