Have you been searching for Microsoft Azure Offerings that can help you get a jumpstart on your journey to the Cloud? Are you seeking options for assessing your readiness to migrate to Azure, or want to learn more about how to keep your Cloud environment more secure?

If so, this blog is for you!

Not sure if Azure is the right fit for your organization? Check out this short introductory video to our recent “Getting to Azure: Assessment, Migration & Security Considerations” webinar below, or sign up to watch the full version at your convenience!

Microsoft Azure Offerings


Microsoft Azure Offer #1: Your Azure Assessment

Of course, the first step in jumpstarting your journey is to do an assessment and determine if Azure is right for you. Even if you aren’t considering moving your entire infrastructure to Azure, an Assessment can allow you to understand any current dependencies within your network, as well as uncover potential security risks, like Shadow IP, which might need to be addressed before you migrate anything over.

Some of the benefits of running an Azure Assessment include:

  • You’ll get a detailed inventory of all servers and virtual machines across your infrastructure.
  • You’ll be able to visually map out all dependencies between any nodes or applications within your infrastructure.
  • You’ll see how much Azure will cost you to run, and what your optimal usage needs will be.
  • You’ll learn exactly how your network communicates with itself and whether or not there are any outside connections that pose a threat to your security.
  • You’ll determine if there are any potential roadblocks to migration.

The process of running an Azure Assessment is relatively simple. Our team of Azure experts will learn about your business needs, including what your existing infrastructure looks like, your operating systems you’re using, and any changes that you have planned for your environment. Then, we’ll run the Azure Assessment, which are small agents that are run on your physical or virtual server nodes and collect data for 14 days. This provides our experts with a report on system identification, performance and programs information, and what network bandwidth is available. A financial analysis is then done to provide you with an accurate projection on your total cost of ownership in the Cloud. Last, we’ll give you a report with a few different possible migration scenarios, so you can make the most informed decision regarding your infrastructure.

Interested? Want to know how to get started? Check out our Azure Assessment page today, and be sure to book some time with our Azure experts to begin your Azure Assessment today!

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Microsoft Azure Offerings


Microsoft Azure Offer #2: Your Azure Migration

After completing the Azure Assessment, it’s time to start looking at your migration. Our team of experts can assist in deploying Azure core services for you, while also walking you through a methodical, phased migration approach that is based on best practices and practical industry experience. There are typically three strategies that you can take for your migration, although sometimes it’s best to combine them into something that’s best for your unique situation:

  • The Lift and Shift approach lets you copy your data from your old source and “lift” it into your Azure storage account, then “shift” your environment over to Azure.
  • The Azure Site Recovery approach replicates your workload from your current source environment over to your new Azure subscription.
  • The Rebuild or Build Out approach lets you redeploy your workload in Azure by rebuilding it piece by piece.

Of course, when migrating your workloads to Azure and managing your environment afterwards, it’s very important to keep security foremost in your mind. Our team of experts ensures that your environment is secured throughout the migration.

Depending on how big your environment is, you might need to take some time to migrate everything over – planning for coexistence, where some of your services will be running in your new Azure environment and others are still in your on-premises environment, is therefore important and something that we can help you with. Want to get started? Contact our experienced team & discuss our Azure Migration offer today.

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Microsoft Azure Offerings


Microsoft Azure Offer #3: Your Azure Security Assessment

So, you’ve migrated over to Azure. Now, how do you make sure it’s secure and scalable, and that admin rights are properly delegated to those who need them?

Our Azure Security Assessment is another Microsoft Azure offer that is great for people who want peace of mind and reassurance that their Azure environment is a safe and secure Cloud platform. With this Security Assessment, you’ll get a list of risk items, ranked from highest to lowest, various recommendations on how you can remediate the issues, and clearly defined action items that will help you ensure a secure and stable Azure adoption.

How does it work? ProServeIT’s experienced Azure team will:

  • Review your existing Azure deployment, subscription settings, network configurations, and Azure security configurations (both global and delegated).
  • Perform an audit of your existing virtual server configurations, your Microsoft portals and tools to add to your Azure capacity, your Azure purchasing vehicles for software and consumption, and the tools and processes that are used to determine platform consumption and spending.
  • Provide you with a summary report of findings and corrective action recommendations.

Want to see a sample report of an Azure Security Assessment, and understand the top six benefits of an Azure Security Assessment? ProServeIT’s got you covered. Check out our offer page, or connect with our team and get your questions answered today.

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Microsoft Azure Offerings


Microsoft Azure Offer #4: Your Azure Foundations

Not really sure how to ramp up your experience with Azure? Take advantage of our white-glove on-premises Azure Foundations Microsoft Azure offer today and choose the option that’s best for you.

During our IaaS Foundation option, you can receive education and guidance on how to extend or expand your on-premises datacentres through leveraging Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities and optimizing workloads. Plus, we’ll help you plan out Active Directory (AD) integration to help you enable hybrid workloads.

In order to do so, we’ll help you:

  • Understand how to leverage IaaS capabilities and optimize workload hosting in the Cloud.
  • Identify, plan and build a functioning environment in the Cloud by leveraging Azure networking, storage and the VM hosting capabilities of Azure.
  • Plan Active Directory (AD) integration and/or federation to enable hybrid workloads.

This one-day whiteboarding session will not only review a high- level Cloud strategy that’s specific to your environment, but will also impart a knowledge transfer of Azure VM, Azure Networking, and Azure Storage services to your team.

Our Azure Dev/Test option is more for the technical team. During this engagement, we will provide you with general education for a test and development environment on Azure, and show you how to build three different versions of the test and development environments for various technologies, like SQL, or SharePoint using scripts.

Lasting up to 3 days, our experienced team will help you:

  • Set up your Azure Site-to-Site VPN
  • Configure a basic Azure Virtual Network (VN) to extend the on-premises network to the Cloud.
  • Extend your on-premises AD to Azure: » Provision a new VM » Install a Replica Domain Controller in Azure VN » Provision a domain joined virtual machine on boot.

Learn more about both of these Azure Foundation offers and, if you think they might be of benefit to you, reach out to our team and book your engagement today!

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