Are you still being reactive to your IT needs? Want to eliminate your IT debt and maximize the value of your IT investments? Many organizations, regardless of whether they have an in-house IT department or not, are switching to Managed IT Services because of the numerous benefits that it provides. With Managed IT Services, organizations can have a reliable Managed Services provider monitor their environment and infrastructure, manage their security requirements, help their employees with technical questions and issues, resolve incidents that come up, and much more.

This blog covers what Managed IT Services are and the top 5 benefits of why your organization should consider engaging a Managed IT Services provider.


What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services are a strategic outsourcing of your organization’s IT responsibilities to an external provider, with the intent of letting that provider assume responsibility on an ongoing basis for your IT systems and functions. That provider monitors, manages and/or resolves issues within your IT environment on a proactive basis, which, in turn, gives you peace of mind that your organization’s IT issues are being dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.

Some of the services provided by Managed IT Services providers include:

  • An increase in automation, freeing you up to focus on more important things.
  • Data Backup and Recovery, to keep your organization going in the event of a disaster.
  • Improvement to your operational efficiencies.
  • Management of your servers, routers, switches, databases, and licenses (so you don’t have to).
  • Desktop support for you and your end-users.

By offloading your various routine infrastructure management requirements to an experienced and trusted Managed IT Services provider, like ProServeIT, you can concentrate on running your business.


Benefit #1: Take Away the IT Burdens

Maybe your organization already has an IT department who takes care of your services. Or maybe your organization doesn’t have the budget or the resources to have an in-house IT department. Whatever the situation, having a reliant provider can take away the IT burdens that you have.

If you don’t have an IT department, a Managed IT Services provider can be an extension of your organization. The Managed Services provider can perform all your routine IT infrastructure monitoring 24x7x365, which helps you to avoid many technology-related issues that you might come across.

For organizations that do have an IT department, a Managed IT Services provider can free them up to focus on more high-value projects. Strategically adopting Managed IT Services within your organization gives you the opportunity to offload the monotonous, non-strategic tasks, like end user support, backup, disaster recovery and security, resolving server issues, and more. This leaves your IT team free to focus more on planning and strategizing, and provides more of a work/life balance, too.


Benefit #2: Switch from a Reactive to Proactive IT Model to Increase Security

When you implement Managed IT Services in your organization, you’re opening up the opportunity to switch from a reactive to a proactive IT model. This can increase your overall IT security in a major way.

When you try and manage your own IT security, you can fall into the trap of only reacting to situations that arise. But, when you engage a trusted Managed IT Services provider to assist you, you can rest assured that they know what risks are out there, and they will proactively work to secure your environment by patching your servers, backing up your data, monitoring your environment and advising you of potential threats to it (before they become a major security crisis for your organization).

Plus, your Managed IT Services provider becomes your administration team, which eliminates the need for anyone in your organization to have admin privileges in-house. That’s not to say that you can’t have in-house admin privileges, but it reduces who in your organization has full access to your system. This increases overall security, especially when you consider that many organizations are breached because of human error.


Benefit #3: Have a Team of Resources at Your Fingertips

Another important benefit of implementing Managed IT Services in your organization is the fact that the “me” of IT becomes “we”. No longer do you need to rely on your own resources alone. With a Managed IT Services provider, you get a full team of resources at your fingertips.

A Managed IT Services model ensures that you have access to your provider’s professional and knowledgeable IT staff at all times – just a phone call or an email away. It’s like you have your own in-house employees, without the full-time costs associated with having one! Have a question about anything in your IT environment? With end-to-end customer support that focuses on your end users’ experiences, your Managed IT Services provider is there to answer all your questions.

Plus, your Managed IT Services provider knows your IT infrastructure inside out, upside down, and backwards. If something needs to be replaced, your provider knows about it and can do the replacing for you.

The results? By having a Managed IT Services provider, you can decrease your overall IT costs.


Benefit #4: Gain Industry Insights

Technology is a living thing, and if you’re not updating it on a constant basis, it dies. Of course, it’s practically a full-time job just keeping up with each new update that is released, or new program that comes out, or new app that is designed to make your life easier. With Managed IT Services, you don’t need to worry about keeping yourself informed – your Managed Services provider already has the skilled staff with the expertise you need to make sure you’re staying at the forefront of the newest technology on the market.

A Managed IT Services provider, like ProServeIT, is your subject matter expert for anything IT, and they manage both the current technology you have, and the new technology you need to implement, so that you don’t need to worry about your IT “dying”.


Benefit #5: Decrease Costs While Increasing Value

Having a predictable monthly expense is a huge benefit for organizations. Choose a Managed IT Services provider who offers a fixed monthly payment plan, which provides your organization with predictable costs, and eliminates any unexpected charges. As your Managed IT Services provider gains intimate familiarity with your technology and environment, your provider can skip the design and discover phases whenever you want to start a new IT project, which allows changes to happen much faster and can greatly reduce the costs of each new project you implement.

At the same time, Managed IT services can help you increase value to your company by allowing your own tech team to focus on higher-value projects. Managed IT Service providers can augment your team and integrate themselves as a partner to your organization, which removes more of the taxing activities that can eat up much of your IT team’s time.


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