“What are the Cloud computing trends of 2019? What keeps you busy these days?”

These were some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients in January. In the beginning of a new year, managers like you want to know what is trending and what you need to do to stay current. To help you with this, here are the top three Cloud computing trends of 2019 that we would like to share with you:

  • Trend #1. Microsoft Teams is hot!
  • Trend #2. Apply a security lens to everything you do.
  • Trend #3. Jumpstart your digital transformation with Azure. (Don’t know what Azure is? Don’t panic! This trend is for your IT team. Please be sure to pass this post along to your IT team so they can understand more!)


ProServeIT’s Cloud Computing Trend 2019 #1 – Microsoft Teams is Hot!

We are familiar with the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” But, how does this sound? “It takes a village to turn ideas into realities!” Do you agree?

When you have a place to share ideas, collaborate with others, and make decisions as a team, there is no limit to what you can achieve. In this day and age, that place should be an online space in the Cloud so that your team members do not need to be in the same location to work together.

Do you have Office 365? If so, you already have access to Teams!  Microsoft Teams is available as part of Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 licenses, and doesn’t require any additional costs to begin using the core features.

If you have access but are not using it at the moment, feel free to watch a demo to understand how your team can utilize Teams at its full capacity. Our demo-based webinar below will help you understand how you can utilize Teams throughout the day from various locations (your office, your client location, your car, etc.) on your laptop and on your mobile.

cloud computing trends 2019

As a preview, here are some of the capabilities of Teams that will be covered in the webinar. Microsoft Teams, considered as the hub for teamwork in Office 365, allows you to:


  • Communicate more effectively

You can have one-on-one or group chats, make voice calls or video calls, and host conference calls for up to 250 people in a call. You can also create groups within Teams. For example, you can create a “Marketing” group which is open to all members of your marketing team. Within that group, you can have group chats, share files and updates, etc.

cloud computing trends 2019



  • Collaborate better

Teams is deeply integrated with Office 365 apps that you are using such as Word, Excel, SharePoint, OneNote, and even Power BI (business intelligence/analytics tool within Office 365).

What does this collaboration mean to you? It means you don’t need to send documents (version 1, 2, 3, final, FINAL-FINAL, etc.) via email anymore. Simply share them in Teams (via a chat or in a group as mentioned above) instead! Those files shared in the group can be edited right in Teams, or opened/edited in Word. All the changes are saved in the Cloud, meaning that you do not need to send the documents via email because everyone can see the most recent version in Teams.



  • Customize your workspace

Everyone at ProServeIT uses Teams throughout the day. This is where we chat with each other and share files and ideas. Given the amount of time we spend there and the degree of dependency, we like to customize our digital work environment in Teams. For example, those groups that you belong to and collaborate with most often are marked as “favourites” so that they are easily accessible.


Interested in Teams? Looking for assistance in deploying Microsoft Teams in your organization? Our Microsoft Teams for Office 365 Workshop has you covered.

ProServeIT’s Cloud Computing Trend 2019 #2 – Apply a security lens to everything you do.

There probably isn’t a person out there who hasn’t heard of Target’s data breach. With 40 million credit and debit card records, and 70 million customer records (including addresses and phone numbers) affected, it was a major news story in the United States. At last count, this data breach has cost Target close to $300 million USD in settlements, legal fees, credit report monitoring, and other associated costs.

Want some more recent examples? Here are some of the most well-known brands that were breached in 2018:

  • Under Armour – 150 million records breached.
  • Panera Bread – 37 million records breached.
  • Marriott Hotel – 500 million guests were potentially affected.

What do these examples tell you? Even those big organizations with, one assumes, a hefty cybersecurity budget, are targeted and breached. Why? Because cybercrime is a business, and, unfortunately, it pays good money.

Smaller organizations often believe that they are not the targets because threat actors want to go after the “big fish”, but this isn’t the case. Unfortunately, threat actors do not discriminate based on the size of the organization – to them, it’s a numbers game, and in fact, SMBs are often more likely to be targeted because they don’t put as much emphasis on cybersecurity. 43 percent of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses and, because they don’t often put cybersecurity first, 60 percent of small organizations go out of business within six months of a cyberattack. Refer to this article for more cybersecurity stats that small businesses need to be aware of.

cloud computing trends 2019


At ProServeIT, we apply security lens to everything we do, and we advise all our clients to do the same. Are you collecting personally identifiable information, like customer names, contact information, or credit card information? If so, you need to start taking cybersecurity seriously if you want to remain productive and maintain your clients’ trust.

If you are not sure where to start, a cybersecurity assessment is the logical first step.

Contact us to get started >>

Want to learn more about cybersecurity landscape and insurance to protect your company?

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ProServeIT’s Cloud Computing Trend 2019 #3 – Jumpstart your digital transformation with Azure

This third trend is more for your IT team to consider, so please feel free to share this post with your IT team.

If your organization has been thinking of moving from your outdated on-premises environment to the Cloud, this is a great time to consider Microsoft Azure. To help organizations jumpstart their digital transformation to improve productivity, we have an AZ50 offer available, where we’ll migrate up to 50 of your servers at no cost to you (conditions apply). This deal is only available for a limited period of time, so download the details now and be sure to get in touch with us to get started.

Want to find out more about why many organizations have chosen Azure? Watch this webinar that’s designed for IT professionals to learn more. Here is a webinar preview: