SharePoint Solutions:

Best-in-Class Content Management Platform

A Cloud-based content collaboration and management platform is key to enabling team members to work remotely, work together, and work better. Microsoft SharePoint Solutions are used by over 200,000 companies around the world, allowing workers to share ideas and synchronize content across various teams and regions without the associated overhead of having to manage the infrastructure on your own.

SharePoint Solutions Empower Teams

SharePoint is a highly customizable platform. We can help you design and build your content management platform that meets your unique needs and compliance requirements:

Easily publish and share content

SharePoint Solutions provide your team with a central place to store files, track information and publish content both inside and outside your organization.

Customize it to fit your needs

SharePoint Solutions come with many features that can be leveraged. But if it does not meet all your requirements, our SharePoint experts can customize it to fit your needs.

Keep your content secure

With SharePoint solutions, your IT department gets the information governance policies, the Cloud security, and compliance requirements they require.

ProServeIT's SharePoint Solutions:Migration to SharePoint & SharePoint Design

Migration to SharePoint Solutions

More and more, staff are working remotely, moving from one client location to another, and using various devices to get work done. Can your staff easily access the content when they need it the most?

If you can’t answer “Yes”, then you’ll want to migrate your content and data to SharePoint Solutions with the help of ProServeIT.

The benefits of migrating to SharePoint Solutions

  • Decrease the need for server real estate and cost by going to SharePoint in the Cloud
  • Increase Collaboration among end-users
  • Integration with other Office 365 products allows for easy upload, editing, and viewing of documents
  • Leverage Workflows for automation of manual processes (like document approval) to save time and increase efficiency
  • Access and collaborate on content from anywhere to improve end-user productivity
  • Build intranet portals to increase departmental communications and connect the several arms of the business
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SharePoint Solutions Jumpstart

Tired of your plain SharePoint installation? Working with Office 365 but don’t know where to start with SharePoint?

ProServeIT designs and implements your SharePoint Intranet Portal to match your company’s identity and enhance user adoption. This solution is available on Office 365 and SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Benefits of SharePoint Solutions Jumpstart

  • Enjoy a higher ROI from your Office 365 investment
  • Increase user collaboration and adoption
  • Scale easily and effectively as your organization grows
  • Integrate all core SharePoint functionalities
  • Setup quickly and easily to minimize downtime
  • Enjoy full responsiveness

Your Trusted SharePoint Solutions Partner

Trust in ProServeIT as your SharePoint Solutions partner. As a multi-award winning Microsoft Gold Partner, we have helped numerous organizations with their SharePoint projects. We can help you get the most out of your SharePoint investment and take the most effective route to the Cloud. Talk to us today to envision your SharePoint project!

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